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    Imagine saying everything you need to say and feeling accepted. Imagine a listener who is most interested in understanding how you feel and think, and then provides you with feedback based on your own best interests.

    This is what therapy can be like.

    About Valentina Isleib, LMFT

    Hello, I’m Valentina! What I offer as a therapist is an opportunity for you to express yourself fully and to help you explore, discover and understand yourself and your needs with compassion and curiosity. This process is essential for learning how to best care for yourself which often leads to feeling less anxiety and more confidence or clarity in your life.

    If you are coming for Couples Therapy, I will help you listen to each other in a new way; we may discuss in detail the recurrent challenges you face to help you uncover hidden patterns of behavior to help you address them. We will explore your styles of communication, and I will coach you in expressing yourself in a way that helps you be heard. When a couple learns to listen to each other, it helps each person to feel validated and loved.

    1:1 Weekly Sessions

    If you’re looking for something completely tailored to your specific needs, one-on-one therapy sessions is the right choice for you. There are no expectations for how long our therapy process will be – whatever it is that you need for your therapy journey. Currently only available for Pennsylvania residents.

    Initial evaluation – 50 minutes $100

    Weekly sessions – 50 minutes $150