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    Let’s work together to find your joy and peace.
    -Dr. Dominguez, LPC

    About Dr. Dominguez, LPC

    Hello! First, I want to tell you that it would be a pleasure to work with you through your journey. I have been a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor for adults in the state of Texas since 2006. I am here to support you by offering you practical, evidence-based strategies to help you become your best YOU.

    I enjoy learning something new every day. I love going on mission trips to other countries. In my day-to-day life I like to incorporate some form of stress relief through physical exercise, such as walking, cardio classes, strength training, or step classes. I enjoy reading and challenging myself to become the best ME I can be. My mantra is: "The older I get, the better off I get!" These are the words I live by, on purpose.

    Welcome to Bloom & Thrive!

    We can find your path!

    1:1 Weekly Sessions

    I tend to use an encouraging style of therapy and applaud your proactiveness in making strides toward making changes to your life. My theoretical, wellness approaches involve: Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused, and Mindfulness or other guided discovery technique for awareness of current feelings, behaviors, and thoughts.

    Initial consultation – 50 minutes $100

    Weekly sessions – 50 minutes $150