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    Ambur Gregorio, LSW

    Hey there, I’m Ambur – a mental health therapist and Licensed Social Worker in Maine and Pennsylvania. I use a very holistic approach with my clients, paying close attention to how the body reacts to the mind while processing difficult life experiences. Making the decision to engage in therapy can feel very vulnerable. You deserve to make sense of your story and thrive! I’m glad you’re here. 

    I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. EMDR is a psychotherapy treatment that is used to help us heal from trauma and move past blocking beliefs in personal & professional life. I also incorporate Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Internal Family Systems into my eclectic approach. 

    Aside from being a therapist, I enjoy spending time with my husband and children, being outside, propagating houseplants, and riding my moped.

    Meg Delp, LMFT

    Hey! I’m Meg and I am a licensed therapist and certified trauma professional in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Texas. I’m also currently working on an Organizational Psychology degree to broaden my understanding of all aspects of my clients’ lives, as well as offering corporate mental health education to continue breaking down that mental health stigma!  

    Supporting my clients as they move through life is such an honor for me. I will meet you wherever you are in life, and we will go from there. Our path will be individualized based on who you are, what you care about, and what your goals are! 

    Outside of being a therapist, I enjoy all things nature, traveling, playing with my adorable dogs Olive and Walnut, trying new restaurants with my husband, and figuring out my own path in life.

    Valentina Isleib, LMFT

    Hello, I’m Valentina and I offer services to clients in Pennsylvania in both English and Spanish! What I offer as a therapist is an opportunity for you to express yourself fully and to help you explore, discover and understand yourself and your needs with compassion and curiosity. This process is essential for learning how to best care for yourself which often leads to feeling less anxiety and more confidence or clarity in your life.

    If you are coming for Couples Therapy, I will help you listen to each other in a new way; we may discuss in detail the recurrent challenges you face to help you uncover hidden patterns of behavior to help you address them. We will explore your styles of communication, and I will coach you in expressing yourself in a way that helps you be heard. When a couple learns to listen to each other, it helps each person to feel validated and loved.

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