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    Individual Therapy

    Emotional Health

    Getting to know your emotional self can be a process. We’re often taught to avoid our emotions for the comfort of others, but that’s simply not healthy! Our emotions provide important information about how we are responding to our environment and relationships. Learning how to listen to our emotions and communicate them to others in an effective way can be life-changing.

    Healing Trauma

    Trauma can be a scary word. Essentially, trauma is any event or message that impacts how we view the world or ourselves. There can be big events that cause trauma, or smaller, harder to notice trauma messages that are instilled in us as we go through life. Messages like “I’m not good enough” or “I can never trust others” can block our paths to building a life that feels safe and beautiful.

    Living an Intentional Life

    We can easily fall into routines that don’t help us build a life we love. Therapy can help us identify what routines are helpful (having an evening routine to help us sleep) vs harmful (reaching for your phone every spare moment you have). When we build a life with intention, we find connection to ourselves and others, discover new ways to enjoy life, and notice opportunities to experience fulfillment. Reclaim your life from the mundane routines.