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    Groups and Events

    The Benefits of Group Therapy

    • Feeling less alone in our struggles
    •  Receiving genuine feedback from folks who aren’t your therapist
    • Learning lessons from the experiences of others
    • Feeling fulfilled through helping others
    • Experiencing hope in witnessing others overcome similar struggles
    • Developing knowledge and insight about our own particular challenges
    • Trying out new ways of being with others
    • Discussing issues that are difficult to talk about with friends, family, partners, or colleagues

    DBT Skills Group - Tuesdays at 4CST/5EST

    If you’re looking to begin your therapy journey with foundational life skills such as mindfulness, emotion regulation, and communication skills, this is the group for you!

    Week 1 – 3: Mindfulness

    Week 4 – 7: Communication & Relationship Management

    Week 8 – 11: Emotion Regulation

    Week 12 – 14: Distress Tolerance

    Educational Events

    We love to make mental health accessible, and we know that not everyone can commit to weekly therapy! We host educational events to provide the foundational knowledge about mental health. Check out our offerings!

    Mindful Lunch Check-Ins

    Mindfulness is at the heart of mental health – it helps us better understand our own thoughts and emotions. Every other Thursday, we take a half hour at 12CST to check in with ourselves! There will also be time to answer any questions about mindfulness.

    Mental Health 101

    Megan Delp, LMFT will be hosting a free talk on December 18th at 12CST discussing some great functional mental health skills. Get ready for the holiday season by investing in yourself!

    Our Agenda

    • Self Check-in
    • Mental Health Tips for You
    • Depression vs. Burnout vs. Anxiety
    • Checking in with Family & Friends
    • Mental Health Tips at Home
    • Warning Signs at Work for Yourself and Others

    Depending on time, we may have the opportunity for a live Q&A at the end of the session! Hope to see you there!

    Support Groups

    Burnout Recovery & Stress Management

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by work or home and completely lack the energy to do anything about it? Join our group to learn how to manage your stress levels and direct positive change in your life!

    Mindfulness Bootcamp ($20/week)

    Do you struggle with mindfulness? Join us once a week for 30 minutes to dig in and build your mindfulness skills!

    Reach out about group work!