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    What even is therapy?

    Therapy is a discussion with a (mostly) objective person to review your life up to this point, as well as learn new skills so you can move forward in a way that feels right for you. Each week may feel a little different depending on where you are in your treatment! There might be weeks where you triage a work problem or others where you continue trauma therapy from the weeks before!

    How long will I be in therapy?

    Everyone’s therapy journey looks different. A shorter amount of time in therapy doesn’t mean that you worked harder or had fewer problems! Everyone is allowed to take the time they need to process what they want and make the changes they feel ready to make. On average, skills-based therapy will last around 3-4 months, processing therapy can last anywhere from 4 months to multiple years!

    What will we talk about?

    We might talk about your week and the struggles you faced at work or home, we might talk about how to improve your communication strategies, or we might do some deep dives into times in your life that were traumatic for you or that really shaped how you view the world. There’s no set topic for the sessions, but we will try to work within the plan that we come up with in your initial goal-setting session.

    What if I bring up a topic that is not part of my therapist’s training?

    Bringing up topics that are out of your therapists’ scope of training is not a problem! It provides a great opportunity to build your support network and add in a new resource, such as a nutritionist, a psychiatrist, or even a medical specialist. Your therapist will not provide education on topics that they don’t have formal training in.

    Will everything we talk about stay confidential?

    Therapy can feel so freeing because your therapist won’t talk about your sessions with anyone else, besides other approved providers! What you talk about is safe. There are a few exceptions, such as reports of child abuse or elder abuse, as well as if you might be at risk of hurting yourself or others. We will talk about all of this in our first session together so you won’t have any questions!

    Will my therapist tell me what to do?

    No! As therapists, we will help you find the answers that are right for YOU, not the answers that are right for us. We will celebrate you as an individual the whole time.